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Labor für bioinformative Technologien

Our labor suggest СЕМ®-ТЕСН device: portable apparatus with changeable oscillators– An Effective Supplement to Traditional Therapies:

Extremely high frequencies (EHF) are in the range of 30—300 GHz (with wavelengths of 10-1 mm). EHF causes frequency resonance in biological organisms, and therapeutic efficacy is observed at radiation levels much lower than those found in other ranges. This can be explained by a lack of adaptation to this specific type of cosmic radiation, which is trapped by the atmosphere, as well as by the signal’s close resemblance to the body’s own electromagnetic waves.

Background resonance radiation therapy (BRR) is based on the use of memory materials that create a spectral copy of the radiation emitted by the cells of living organisms in the EHF range and cause its automatic retransmission (Gunn diode). By influencing the frequency resonances of cell structures, pathological processes can be weakened or blocked entirely, at the same time amplifying physiological oscillations and restoring dynamic equilibrium in the patient’s body. When applied to human skin, EHF radiation penetrates to a depth of 300—500 microns, meaning that it is almost entirely absorbed by the epidermis and upper layers of the dermis.

Advantages of using the Apparatus:

  1. Several methods for treating a wide range of diseases:
    • EHF therapy — extremely high frequency electromagnetic radiation in single-frequency mode or using selected noise-like mode;
    • IR therapy — infrared radiation;
    • BRR therapy — using background resonance radiation.
  2. Compact, with independent power supply.
  3. Safe and painless non-intensive physical therapy method.
  4. Complements other treatment methods.

СЕМ®-ТЕСН therapy :

  • Reduces any type of pain, reduces inflammation at pathological sites.
  • Cuts the duration of standard treatment for a wide array of diseases.
  • Expands options for out-patient and at-home rehabilitation.
  • Offers tools for primary and secondary prevention.
  • Increase the effectiveness of pharmacological therapy while reducing and in some cases even eliminating dosages.


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